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Over 63 million people volunteer in the USA each year.
How Many did Your Company Screen?

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pie chartAccording to the bureau of Labor Statistics, about 63.4 million people, or 26.8 percent of the population, volunteered through an organization at least once between September 2008 and September 2009. 

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    Volunteers order and pay for their own background check online

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    Results delivered directly to the church, school, or non-profit where they volunteer


Is Volunteer Screening Part of your overall growth strategy?

Screening companies that focus on non-profits often fail to recognize the unique needs associated with these organizations.  Too often they try to create a solution by applying traditional employment screening technologies to the needs of the non-profit.

Volunteer organizations are unique entities that will struggle with several issues when trying to obtain background checks through traditional employment screening methods.  Often price sensitive, they prefer to have the volunteer pay for their own background check.  Usually short on manpower, it is beneficial for the volunteer to do the data entry required for the check.  And trying to get reimbursed by the volunteer distracts them from their core mission of providing services to the community, be it faith based, educational, sports related or whatever.

VolunteerDirect from Innovative Software Solutions understands the unique issues of Volunteer organizations, and can help you easily add Volunteer Screening to your company's growth strategy!

For a free demo of VolunteerDirect and a discussion of your volunteer/non-profit sales strategy, please contact Innovative Software Solutions at 800-928-4774 or


why volunteer Direct?

  • White-lable Web Portal

    White label web portal that allows a volunteer to order, pay for, and receive a copy of their own background check over the Internet.

  • Customizable

    Customized packages can be deployed on an organizational or volunteer candidate level, and custom website landing pages can be developed to have the look of the non-profit organization, the background screening company or both.

  • Automated

    The background check is simultaneously forwarded to the non-profit organization where they wish to volunteer as well as an automated email notification alerting the volunteer manager when the background check is ready to be reviewed.